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Stimulus Check Update & Unemployment Benefits for the Self Employed

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Below is a link to the IRS website.

1) If you have not filed a return for 2018 or 2019, because you were not required to, you can file a non-filers return and submit your direct deposit information. If you receive social security benefits, you do not need to complete this non-filer return. You will receive your stimulus check in the direct deposit account on file with social security. Click on the "Non-filers" option.

2) If you do not have a direct deposit account on file with the IRS or if you need to change your direct deposit account click on "Get my Payment" option. In this option you can add or change your direct deposit information. If you elect to receive a paper check they will be mailed out beginning May 1, 2020.

3) If you want to check on the status on your stimulus check you can click on the "Get my payment" option in the IRS link. Please note that several taxpayers are receiving a notice that they do not have the information available. This is due to the system be over loaded by so much traffic to the site. This does not mean you do not qualify for the stimulus check. If your adjusted gross income is below $75,000-$99,000 single or $150,000-married filing joint you qualify. Your stimulus check will be reduced for incomes greater than $75,000 single and $150,000 married filing joint. See the link below to calculate the amount you should receive:

4) If you have already filed your 2019 return, you can check the status of your refund by clicking on the "Get your refund status" link.

We do not have an update from the PA Unemployment office how a self employed individual or independent contractor can apply for unemployment benefits. Attached is the current notice that appears on their website as of today. Once we receive notification of the process we will get the information out as soon as we have it.

Thank you all for your patience. This has been a challenging time for all of us. Information is coming out in drips and we are doing our best to keep you updated. Please stay safe and well!

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