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Filing Taxes 2022: 14 Changes for Taxpayers to Know About This Year’s Tax Season

It’s almost time to start filing taxes for 2022 and there’s a few changes this season that taxpayers are going to want to know about.

Let’s dive into all of those tax changes below!

  • First off, taxpayers will want to note that the first day for filing taxes is January 24, 2022.

  • This early start date is for individual tax returns.

  • The IRS is setting up early to test out new programming in place to account for the Child Tax Credit and Recovery Rebate Credit.

  • According to the agency, the quickest way to get through filing taxes will be to have all of the required information ready to go.

  • That includes how much was paid out as part of stimulus packages in 2021, as well as how much was gained via the Child Tax Credit.

  • On that same note, some taxpayers may see a smaller return this year than they’re used to.

  • That’s due to the child tax credit sending out payments to parents on a monthly basis instead of in one lump sum as part of their tax return

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  • It’s also worth highlighting that taxes are due on April 18 this year for most of the population.

  • That’s due to the Emancipation Day holiday pushing back the due date from the typical April 15.

  • Taxpayers living in Maine or Massachusetts have until April 19 to file due to the Patriots’ Day holiday in those states.

  • Anyone filing an extension will have until Oct. 17, 2022, to file their taxes.

  • Taxpayers may also see a delay on their tax returns due to the ongoing stress the pandemic is causing the IRS’ system.

  • The quickest way to get a return in 2022 is filing taxes electronically with direct deposit set up.

  • Those that choose to turn in a paper filing are more likely to face delays.


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